Satisfied customers are most important for us

Quality management

Whether chemical and petrochemical industry or energy and marine technology, we have the necessary approvals as well as the corresponding expertise to realize the requirements for our customers accordingly.

A corresponding qualified and complete digital documentation according to the different regulations as well as customer requirements, is standard for us.

Non-destructive testing methods (NDT)

In order to ensure a consistently high quality of our products, they are checked by non-destructive testing methods (NDT).

The following procedures are applied:

  • Radiographic testing (RT)
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT)
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MT)
  • Dye penetrant testing (PT)
  • Visual inspection (VT)

Special test procedures such as TOFD, acoustic emission measurement and helium leak test can also be carried out on request.

Our personnel is certified and qualified according to DIN EN 9712 Level 2 as well as Level 3 and according to SN-T-C-1A Level II, as well as Level III.

Our department is equipped with all the necessary equipment, including gamma workstations SE-75 and Ir-192, direct beam tubes (200KeV), mass spectrometers, endoscopes, and much more. These tests are performed almost exclusively with our own equipment and testing personnel. Endoscopes and mass spectrometers for He density testing are also available, as is the testing technology for performing quality monitoring of coatings in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944.

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